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Letters to the editor can be sent to news@hopestandard.com.

LETTER: Are vaccines really a gift from God? I would disagree

A response to an earlier letter regarding the use of vaccines


Regarding Mike Schouten’s letter dated Sept. 17 stating that the vaccine is a gift from God, I respectfully disagree.

On the one hand some of us have the right to not believe in “God” as you say some have the right not to have the vaccine. I wonder though if you and those who believe this have plans to sue the Canadian health care system for your first vaccinations. If you were born here MMR the measles mumps and rubella vaccines saved millions from terrible suffering and disease.

I recall not long ago the sad news from Alberta (of a couple) who did not “believe” in vaccinations of the death of their young child. Many of those around. How about now the hospitals being full to bursting with COVID cases the majority being of the non vaccinated? That is based on not a belief system but scientific data gleaned painstakingly by our wonderful hard working immunologists and other science based practitioners.

I do respect one’s right to chose but not at the expense of the rest of the “herd.”

Ruth Renwick

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