Letters to the Editor.

LETTER: Council vote against supportive housing ‘callous, shortsighted’


Personally, as a senior citizen in Hope, I found the rejection to rezone the property at 650 Old Hope Princeton Way by the council 4 to 1 shortsighted. Kudos to Scott Medlock for having a positive vision for the future.

Their rejection to rezone the property possibly exposes our citizens of Hope to suffer an increase in property crime – as I have!

The pluses of this proposed project far outweigh any perceived negative effects, in my opinion. For example:

The employment opportunities for numerous contractors, trades and labour for a year or more.

The procurement of construction supplies would benefit our local retailers.

Plus the city of Hope would receive monies for inspection and permit fees.

Please, council, reconsider your callous vote as your shortsightedness will be judged in the next election.

Dennis O’Keeffe

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