LETTER: Intrusive letters finding their way to our mailboxes


Over the years I’ve been saddened to find that many seemingly nice and good people are caught up in some kind of unrealistic, off the mainstream news ideas about the world.

I thought we were protected if we deleted our social media accounts, but recently I got a personal letter from a well-intentioned person who wants me to know ‘Who Really Controls the World.’

For the last decade since I moved here, I went from asking politely to notes on my door to a quick sharp open and shut door in their face and with COVID, at last, peace.

I think I can think for myself and I shouldn’t have to open some religious letter to my address. I told the post office not to put in flyers but I guess these people have found a new way to be intrusive.

The cost of stamps must be high.

Be aware of this when your “To The Current Resident” arrives in your post office box.

Ruth Renwick