LETTER: Parting words of thanks to the community

I just moved out of Hope today and would like to thank a few people.

Shannon Dobson — When she cleaned my house it sparkled. She is amazing. She reads minds too; when I asked her to do something, she had already done it. Everyone that saw my house when I was selling commented on how clean it looked.

Hope Pharmacy — They are incredible. They are a great bunch of people, friendly, professional and also very kind.

Hope Hot Shots — Mark has made my life so very much easier for the last seven months. I have a SCI and can’t drive any longer and he has picked up and delivered anything I asked him to. He is very professional, respectful and punctual. While I had some people take advantage of my situation, Mark was so honest and kind.

Hope first responders and RCMP — When my husband had a heart attack and died seven months ago, they went beyond the call of duty. I would like to thank these wonderful kind people for making my life so very much easier.

God Bless You All.

Irene Williams

Letter to the Editor