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LETTER: People should be free to take their own risks

Letter writer takes the side of restaurant that has been forced to close

I agree with the owners of the restaurant (Rolly’s Restaurant in Hope). The governments have been acting beyond reasonable measures.

If a person wants to do business and the public want to use that business they should be allowed to make their own decisions based on the facts. People have used their ability to make free choices to who they want to govern so they should also be allowed their freedom of choice and association to use the services of a business they choose to frequent.

There is sufficient scientific evidence to support both sides of the argument and there is no significant evidence to support the actions of the government and its agencies that warrants closing a valuable and for many a necessary business. The next step will be to close grocery stores and all other services such as repair services and medical services all due to unwarranted fear.

B.C. has the strictest laws regarding COVID-19 yet has one of the highest rates of the illness. So the measures being taken here far outweigh the cost and inconvenience to the public based primarily on fear rather than real scientific evidence.

Ken Burgar

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