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LETTER: We need to work together for the future

Transformation to clean and renewable energy system is ‘greatest economic catalyst’ possible


It bemuses me that the old granddaddy Conservative Party of Canada, is beginning to flounder under its own weight of intolerance.

Its newest leader Erin O’Toole, a young family man, recognizes that the best shot of leaving a legacy of health and prosperity to his own children and future generations, is to seriously consider the bleak future forecasted by physical science, if we continue to ignore the manmade causes of climate change.

I’m sure Mr. O’Toole, like the rest of us climate activists, are more than alarmed what the future holds for these future constituents, if we carry on in our ways, of putting our monetary values above the health and safety of our citizens.

I believe he also recognizes that the best way to control carbon emissions is to put a price on it. Yet, because the base of Conservative support is in the heart of Canada’s energy producing prairie provinces, Mr. O’Toole’s plans get watered down to token, and totally ineffective carbon pricing and climate action, which basically guarantees the Liberals a majority in the next election, probably this summer.

I believe the biggest impediment for climate action, and solving the plethora of crises facing our shrinking planet is NA’s current confrontational political systems. In Canada our system is referred to as a Westminster democracy, where generally 40 per cent of the vote usually translates into a majority government with 100 per cent of the power, that is highly lobbied by special interest groups within.

In my opinion our only chance of saving humanity from itself will be if all peoples work as one. As well as an electoral system where every vote is counted and every vote is represented in its legislators.

The greatest economic catalyst that the world will ever see will be the transformation to clean and renewable energy systems. We need to do this, not just for economic growth, but to save the biodiversity of the planet, as we cannot survive without it.

Arthur Green,


Letter to the Editor