Local decisions don’t make any sense

The chain up light on the Fraser-Hope Bridge should have been on the south side

So much for the economic development the new bridge was supposed to bring.

The only way the town will make money off it will be if the bylaws officer sits at the bridge all day giving tickets to vehicles over the 3, 000 kg weight limit that was put on it, like the Lakeway Market delivery truck, building supply trucks to homes being built or even most motorhomes going into Kawkawa Lake.

The new Pilot Flying J lot also looks a lot smaller than was  advertised. So still no 24-hour food service in town now.

Lastly, why was the new chain up light put up right after you cross the Fraser River going north? It should have been on the south side so trucks could at least use the right lane on Water Avenue to chain up. Now when the chain up is on it will totally cut off the flow across the bridge making it impossible for local traffic to get by. Let’s hope an ambulance doesn’t get stuck on the wrong side of the bridge waiting for trucks to chain up on the bridge.

Lorne Fortune,