Lots of ideas for the future of Hope

Most people agreed we need to improve Wallace Street

The public meeting held April 14 at the Hope Station House – jointly sponsored by the Hope Station House and the Ratepayers – attracted some diverse people and interesting comments.

Most agreed we need to improve Wallace Street and fixing potholes is a must.

It was also suggested that we have street musicians and there be Saturday farmer’s markets, such as those in Merritt and Lillooet, with a permit for the Station House location, on possible available native land or add on to the existing one on Sixth Avenue.

Other comments include:

• Copy Agassiz organic gardening

• Nature walks

• Boat rentals

• Back country skiing

• Othello Tunnels

• Bus to Ross Lake

Hope must be a destination, not a quick restaurant stop.

We need to beautify Hope and above all advertise out of Hope.

Branding may help but obviously we need more. Every group in Hope must get involved.

Marj Houghton

Ratepayers and Hope Station House