Media needs to find out true facts behind BC NDP theories

Simply repeating the right-wing mantra does a disservice to your readers and in simply highly inaccurate

Re: NDP at a crossroads, Editorial (June 27)

The writer of this editorial has proven to me that he/she knows nothing about the BC NDP; and, like many media outlets in B.C., are very quick to criticize the BC NDP despite the fact that they often know nothing of the true facts behind their theories.

For example, the editorial claimed that “the NDP has much to fear from the Greens, who appeal to many younger and environmentally-minded people.” The truth is that the NDP has little to fear from the Greens because, once you truly examine both party’s written principles, you will see that it is the NDP alone that has many principles based on sustainable environmental principles. The NDP is the “Original Green Party” and has been for over 60 years.

The Black Press editorial then went on to claim that the NDP has “difficulty moving beyond its massive debt to organized labour.” This is pure nonsense. What massive debt? I have yet to see it. The NDP is supportive of free collective bargaining and realize that 90 per cent of all of the progressive legislation in this country originated from the labour movement. However, this does not mean that the NDP has been bought from labour unions.

Why don’t you write about the “massive debt” that the BC Liberal Party owes to large corporations. You conveniently ignore this fact and continue to spout this big “Liberal Lie.”

You then suggest that the NDP has a choice of either moving to supporting economic development or towards the environmental side. If you knew the simple basics about what the BC NDP stands for, you would know that environmental sustainability and economic development are not mutually exclusive.

If you do not know what the BC NDP stands for, why don’t you simply ask them? This is highly preferable to a “shot in the dark” and simply repeating the right-wing mantra that many media outlets are accustomed to. This does a disservice to your readers and in simply highly inaccurate.

It is no wonder that the Liberals easily won the last election.

Dick Harrington,