More job training needed

Low power lines in Hope got caught on maintenance trucks

On April 16, the weather in Hope was rainy and windy.

The tree beside the Husky gas station at the corner of Third Avenue and Old Hope Princeton Way fell over onto the power lines causing the line over Old Hope Princeton Way to drop lower than normal.

Emil Anderson was called out to secure the road. The backhoe driver came down the road and not looking up, ran right into the lines, catching them with his boom and pulling them from the building – causing them to drop further.

An Emil Anderson driver of a truck that has directional arrows then came down the same way as the backhoe, drove into the wires, catching them with the arrows. The driver then decided to climb on his truck with a shovel to remove the live wire.

I don’t think these people have the proper training for the job. Something should be done about this. These people could hurt the public in these situations.

P. Jacques,

Hope, B.C.