Oops who is going to pay the bill?

Power surges causing distress in the community, preceding a disruption in hydro service

Dear Editor:

There has been a lot of distress in the community caused by power surges preceding a disruption in hydro service.

One of Hydro’s classic answers for what caused it is an “Act of God” — tree fell on power line — and I guess there are two approaches to this. The first approach suggests that if God is in control, then send us the address and we will start sending the money for our monthly bills to Him.

The second approach suggests the reality that Hydro tells us they send crews around every five years to trim the trees, which means THEY have accepted responsibility for the trees.

We understand that Alberta has a law that forbids a high voltage line to be used above the customer service line, which would appear to make a lot of sense.

It makes sense, because when that extreme voltage hits the line with the reduced voltage for our houses it causes a power surge that knocks out our electrical appliances and various electronic equipment.

We desperately need a solution to this.

It appears the surges with damage are more common in rural areas and that creates a secondary problem.

Many people are in a rural setting due to a lower cost of living that is within their budget range, but a regular diet of electronic replacement ends up being very repressive to the poor.

As in any fair democracy, the best answer comes from the community.

We need a very concentrated energetic response from the community.

Remember, Hydro may be a giant, but might doesn’t always make it right, so like David of old let’s gather a few pebbles and explain to them, they are not God and do not have the right to decide who gets paid for electronic replacement and who does not.

Would a town meeting be a good start? If you care let it show.

Lloyd Forman

Boston Bar