Rates must offset peak loads

Re: Hydro smart meters coming.

I can’t wait! Being in a new house in Kelowna I already have a smart meter installed and I’d really like to take advantage of time-of-use pricing now. 

I’ve recently moved from Ontario where I was already paying for electricity at time-of-use rates. Now I have electric heat and I could even better manage my consumption to avoid peak load times and save myself some direct costs.

I do hope, however, that time-of-use rates are set in such a way as to truly offset peak load costs, and help make the whole system more efficient, thus keeping overall rates lower in the long term.

Bending to the demands of large consumers who traditionally do make use of a lot of peak-load power, as Ontario seems to have done, won’t have the right effect, either long-term for everyone, or for smart consumers who hope to take advantage of savings.

Greg A. Wood