Residents need to support local facilities

Hope is lucky to have a variety of leisure activities available

“What a quaint little town,” remarked our American guests last summer. “And you not only have a curling club, a swimming pool, a hockey rink, a bowling alley, but also an old-fashioned cinema.” Most small towns in the good old U.S.A don’t have any of these facilities to brag about.

But I can’t help but ponder on the overwhelming public outcry if any of these leisure activities had to be curtailed through lack of use. For example, the Hope Cinema had no more than 10 people in attendance at a recent movie and it was a pretty good film too.

My point is this:  if we want all of these facilities to remain open to keep Hope a desirable place to live or visit, then we must be supportive of them.

Pauline Cattrell,