‘Smoke screen’ doesn’t cut it

Senate reform is desperately needed, but more than a few bandaide changes

Re: The Canadian Senate must change, Letters (May 30)

Is anyone else out there tired of politicians and their persuasions pretending to care about us when they are just protecting their own leader and their own jobs when in majority government?

The letter from Mark Strahl regarding Senate reform sounds really good but there are some things he is not mentioning, for example persons like me who have written several emails asking questions about the prime minister’s involvement, possible interference from Conservative senators (Tkachuk/Olsen) speaking to Nigel Wright while investigating Conservative appointed Duffy and a host of other things that just don’t seem kosher right now. Mr. Strahl is not acknowledging the growing concern of his constituents about the government itself.

Senate reform is desperately needed, but it is not a few bandaide changes such as more spending accountability and what the exact Senate business is that will do it. Real Senate reform is going to be a messy, drawn out and full of controversy, because yes, Mr. Strahl Quebec is going to protect its interest and so is every other province and territory.

Will you protect B.C. if it opposes your leader? Every party is going to weigh in and protect how they can “stack the Senate” in the future. The NDP do not want reform but abolishment so that muddies the water even more. And trust me the Conservatives are not going to weigh in on this ever! Neither Conservatives or Liberals want to eliminate this gift horse.  This promise (reform) of the Conservative Party at this time is just to divert attention from the issue at hand which is a Conservative government problem that goes as high as the prime minister’s office.

In regard to Mr. Trudeau, his choice to say what he did may be foolish but it has nothing to do with the questions I or concerned Canadians have put to Mr. Strahl and the prime minister’s office. It is the Conservatives using this situation to do some pre-election campaigning and stir the pot between the west and Quebec because for some unknown reason this young inexperienced leader of the Liberals makes them nervous. As far as this scandal is concerned I will be extremely surprised if we get answers from this government. The only strategy the prime minister seems to know is “evade, distract and attack.” Apparently transparency and accountability are only words you throw around when the other parties are in the midst of scandal. As soon as you get a majority they no longer become relevant.  I don’t care if you are a Conservative, a Liberal, an NDPer or an independent.

Please educate yourself about how our government works including the Senate, get involved and hold our politicians to a higher standard.  I’m sorry Mr. Strahl, although you are probably a very nice young man, in my household your diversionary tactic, smoke screen letter full of Conservative talking points just doesn’t cut it.

Janet Cohade,