The Pacific Blue Fin saga continues

Ninety-six percent of the Pacific Blue Tuna have been decimated, due to overfishing.

Overfishing of the world’s oceans has decimated 96 per cent of the Pacific Blue Fin Tuna — if we take what we don’t need, we’re just wasting fish.

We need to stop buying Blue Fin Tuna, or we will run out of it.

No fish, means, not fishing for Blue Fin Tuna. The cost of blue fin tuna is somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 per catch.

We need to prohibit the fishing community from careless and wasteful fishing practises to preserve these endangered species.

Once you catch them all, there will no longer be Blue Fin Tuna in the pacific oceans. Please choose to make the right decision and say no to buying Blue Fin Tuna.


Ionela Garret