A view of the Fraser River from downtown Hope. (Wiki Commons)

A view of the Fraser River from downtown Hope. (Wiki Commons)

The Year in Review: Hope local pens poem about the year that was

Well, here we are Hope,

for better or worse,

My annual wrap up,

in Seussian verse.

This is a hard one,

it’s hard to be glad

in a year that’s been scary,

lonely and sad.

First off, the virus,

though we’re all kinda sick of it,

let’s give our thanks to the workers

who remain in the thick of it.

But what of our village,

what’s happened in town?

This year’s been historic,

so here’s my rundown;

A train left the tracks

and smoke rolled in from Cali,

Brigade days got cancelled

but fireworks lit the valley.

We ate truck mac and cheese

and Cat’s Meow closed their doors,

They filmed Christmas in summer,

old Rona got sloping skate floors

April went missing,

we felt our hearts drop,

Another gone too soon,

when will it stop?

Rambo got carved,

and Flynn got retired

Mountain Brewery opened,

old Fords got hotwired.

Wet housing shot down,

by Council and Mayor

The addicted stay homeless,

but NIMBY don’t care.

We can now get a Slurpie

at the 7-11,

Dining out’s dining in

and we banged pots at seven.

We taped hearts to windows

and spent Christmas alone,

Worked from living room offices

and stayed close to home.

Hope Towing towed Santa

to children’s delight.

And CIB lit up Wallace

in crisscrossing light.

Post office heroes

get a round of applause,

Mountains of gifts they delivered

like old Mr. Clause.

and now, my finale,

can we just slow it down,

to ponder the name of

this extraordinary town?

Hope lives in our hearts

and Hope lifts us each day.

As we start twenty-one,

may Hope light your way.

Happy New Year- from Crystal Sedore, Hope BC Bulletin Board