Founder of Project HOPE

Founder of Project HOPE

Newcomer forms Project HOPE to connect children to activities

Founder of Project HOPE, Shannon Jones, holds a banner beside her husband John Jones, who will sponsor the events that Project HOPE hosts.

Shannon Jones recently moved to Hope and found it challenging to get information on groups, clubs and teams for her four children to join.

She and her husband, realtor John Jones, discussed this issue and formed Project HOPE, a Facebook and Twitter page that is trying to become a repository of information for children’s activities and also help with fundraising and volunteers.

“I think that Hope has huge potential to grow and become even more successful,” said Jones, “but there is a piece missing and I think that piece is giving the kids a sense of community, a group to be a part of and somewhere that they can go to be kids together.”

Jones and her husband intend to contribute by bringing their experience to the table.

“Before moving to Hope I was very involved in fundraising for the preschool that our boys attended and have a lot of experience in that area,” said Jones. “I can offer my experience in fundraising, my husband John Jones of Re/Max has offered to sponsor the events.”

She plans to host fundraisers every three months for an organization with the help of Hope residents.

“We’re asking the groups in the community — organizations that are based around children … — to nominate the groups that they are a part of and then every three months we will pick one of the organizations and manage the fundraisers for them,” said Jones, adding that the fundraisers will come at no cost to the organizations.

Going forward, she hopes to get businesses involved in Project HOPE. How that would look like depends on the fundraiser involved.

“I would love to have businesses in town team up with us supporting the organizations and in turn helping to bring more awareness to what Hope has to offer for family fun,” said Jones. “ If we are holding fundraisers and family days alongside these family-friendly businesses, we hope that it will increase awareness and in turn increase business.”

In her attempt to get families out with their children, they also hope to host functions once a month.

Maybe something to do in the park, maybe a movie night,” said Jones.

Jones said in the two weeks she has formed Project HOPE, Jones said she has received an “amazing response.”

“Within a week I have met with three organizations wishing to have us jump on board with them as well as invitations to meet with multiple businesses in regards to how they can get involved,” said Jones.

“Our posts on Facebook are receiving over 1,000 hits each and I have had many emails from complete strangers asking how they can get involved and help.

“Everyone that I have spoken to has shown more enthusiasm and excitement than I could ever imagined!”

One of the organizations she is currently helping is the RiverMonsters Swim Club.

“I did not expect it to go this quickly,” said Jones. “But everyone that has contacted me has said that this is something that Hope really needs.”