Hope soccer fans unite to raise $5000 in funds for local minor sports teams

The Mondelez Pride and Joy campaign is uniting with Hope Minor Soccer and Canada's Women's National Team to cheer their way to $5,000.

On June 6th, Canada’s Women’s National Team will be playing China. Hope soccer fans have the distinct ability to help raise $5000 for Hope Minor soccer by cheering.

Through the Mondelez Pride and Joy campaign, Hope Minor Soccer has been selected out of 100 pre-qualified clubs across the country for a chance at receiving much-needed funds to help support youth soccer.

Hope Minor soccer’s first priority with the money will be to help fund youth who face significant financial barriers, prohibiting them from the game of soccer — whether it be helping to pay league fees, buying cleats or shin pads and helping to send players to tournaments.

All soccer fans are encouraged to download the Mondelez Pride and Joy Cheer App for free from the app store or Play Store and to cheer your hearts out for Canada’s Women’s National Team on Saturday, June 6th during a fundraising initiative to bring soccer to all the youths in the Hope community.