Riders will be returning for Brigade Days’ second-ever endurocross event, which gets underway at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 9. (Hilary Patterson photo)

Riders will be returning for Brigade Days’ second-ever endurocross event, which gets underway at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 9. (Hilary Patterson photo)

Riders return for second endurocross event

The sport is a hybrid of woods riding and motocross.

The sport of endurocross was introduced to Hope last year — and it’s headed back to Brigade Days this year, with improvements to make it even more fun to watch, says organizer Steve Patterson.

“It’s kind of a design-build work in progress,” said Patterson, Monday. “Mark Petryk is my main helper but there’s a 15 year-old from down the valley, Kaden Reid, who will do well in the event. He and his dad were helping us out last weekend.

“Local contractors have been helping out with machines and supplies like dirt and logs,” added Patterson, who will be competing on his Husqvarna TE 300 two-stroker.

He described the sport as a hybrid of woods riding and motocross.

“Motocross is usually big air and long leaps — but with a smooth, groomed track. Here, we’ve got a shorter track and we’ve got some technical things thrown in your way, to try and make you slow down.

“A common feature for the bikers and the 4×4 race will be a jump over the concrete no-posts at the north-east corner. It may be optional for the 4x4s, though.

“A few trees have died in the bowl area, so a faller came in and dropped them. We’ll be utilizing them,” said Patterson.

One of the challenges with the course design is leaving room for the Friday night “Jump Your Junk” and mini-stock events, as well as the stage that will be moved into place mid-day on Saturday, in preparation for the evening concert. Patterson said his group has been cooperating with other users, to make things work smoothly.

“We’re hoping to be set up before Friday, so the car guys can work around it.”

Action starts at 9 a.m. on Saturday, then from 12:30 to 1:00, there’s a kids’ event for bikes of 70 cubic-centimetre or smaller.

“It’ll be a pylon course and Popkum Motor Park is sponsoring it,” said Patterson. “It was good to get them involved.”

Hometown heroes get a crack at the track from 1:00 to 1:15, followed by the endurocross finals, which are scheduled to wrap up by 4:00.

“Last year, we had 38 riders and we’re going to have a lot of repeat riders. We had lots of good feedback.

“This year, we’re designing the course to have a lot more frontage by the spectator stands, in front of the stage,” said Patterson. “We’ll move the motocross section more to the back.”

Registrations will be accepted as late as the day of the event, though organizers would appreciate advance sign-ups, which can be done online at brigadedays.com/sports/tenfour. Cost is $60, which includes a weekend pass to the fairgrounds.

“We’re hoping to get riders through a practice run, Saturday morning,” said Patterson.

“A Canadian rider from Calgary, Trystan Hart — who just came third at a race in Vegas — has phoned and expressed interest,” Patterson added. “If he does sign up, that will draw pros from B.C. and Alberta, to line up against him. He’s the benchmark for Canada.”