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Giving Away to Give Back: Fundraiser benefits homeless cats and dogs

Month long giveaway fundraiser launched Aug. 15 provides opportunity to win one of four prizepacks
Cat playing with a toy during RAPS takeover day (RAPS photo).

B.C.’s Regional Animal Protection Society is teaming up with Chilliwack-based pet food company, Petcurean, for a month-long fundraiser for homeless cats and dogs.

The fundraising giveaway campaign launched on social media on Aug. 16 and will run through to Sept. 6. According to Christine Mallier, Petcurean’s sustainability and community relations manager, proceeds will benefit RAPS a no-kill animal shelter that operates as Canada’s largest cat sanctuary.

RAPS is home to hundreds of cats which are mostly deemed un-adoptable due to health issues or aversion to humans. Much-needed funds raised this month will go towards animal care and allow animals to live a healthy quality life, Mallier said. The ‘Giving Away to Give Back donation campaign’ has several giveaways residents can take part in. GO! SOLUTIONS and NOW FRESH giveaways each include two $900-value prize packs including three months of premium pet food and an assortment of must-have pet parent goodies.

Mallier explained the fundraiser is a collaboration of Petcurean and RAPS after they sat down to discuss how Petcurean could amplify its mission of helping pets live healthier, longer lives.

“This new partnership is part of our ongoing commitment to support pets, pet-parents and animal rescue groups throughout Canada,” she said. “We really want to give back purposefully to the communities that we serve.”

According to RAPS CEO Eyal Lichtmann, RAPS provides life-saving and essential welfare services for animals and rescues, whether they are abandoned or in people’s care. He explained due to inflationary pressures caring for animals right now is more costly than ever.

“Like everything else, the cost of food, medication and veterinary care has risen significantly. RAPS is helping by providing partially or wholly subsidized veterinary care and a Pet Food Bank to help people in need,” he said.

Programs supported through RAPS include surrenders and adoptions, foster care for animals needing rehabilitation and sustaining Canada’s largest cat sanctuary.

RAPS is familiar with taking animals from places of abuse as well as dealing with animals who are sick such as feline leukemia, Lichtmann said.

“With the support of Petcurean and our community, we have been able to welcome scores of cats from a life-threatening situation in the Kootenays, we provided a forever home for a cat rescued from Bella Bella.”

RAPS has upwards of 500 cats under their care at the RAPS Cat Sanctuary.

“Our hope is to increase this number to 1,000 cats annually. It’s a $ 20,000-lifetime cost per cat to live at the cat sanctuary,” said Lichtmann. “Donations ensure that animals receive the needed care they deserve.”

At least 95 per cent of cats are from B.C. found either on the streets, taken from over capacity shelters or from homes unable to care for their pet.

After participants have donated, they are eligible to enter the giveaways taking place over the month.

Regarding the ongoing dog sanctuary project, Lichtmann said the timing is wholly contingent on RAPS raising a minimum of $5 million for the project.

“The dog sanctuary will be established once these funds are raised to ensure the best facilities are created to provide proper care for upwards of 100 dogs at a time, including state-of-the-art healthcare at RAPS Animal Hospital.”

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Cat standing behind a pile of leaves (RAPS photo).