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District updates public on wildfire situation

The District of Hope has published a public message on Monday.
Smog engulfs Mount Hope on Monday. Hope Fire Department fire chief thinks the smoke came in from the Interior and maybe the Princeton area based on the wind direction. (X. Y. Zeng photo)

The District of Hope has published a public message on Monday updating residents of the wildfire evacuations.

Published on their Facebook page, they advise the public that the District has not been required to set up reception or group lodging, but has a plan should the Province request it. Two reception centres, in Chilliwack and Cloverdale, have been set up and evaucees are being directed there. If those need augmentation, the District is prepared.

They add that evacuees who are residing in Hope should contact the Red Cross and register, who can also provide information on reception centres and ensure that any other needs are met. Their number is 1-800-863-6582.

If there be a need to canvass for any assistance from the public, the District will provide information to support residents to do so. They ask residents to monitor the BC Wildfire website, the local news, and messaging from the District to provide important information.