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Fraser Valley Conservancy’s annual plant sale open online now

Plant sale designed to create healthy habitats in local gardens

The Fraser Valley Conservancy’s (FVC) fall native plant sale has begun.

This online sale features a variety of hard-to-find native shrubs and trees. And for those looking to create backyard spaces to help wildlife thrive, fall is the best time to get planting.

One of the small trees available at the sale, black Hawthorne, provides valuable space for birds to nest in. It’s a favourite of cedar waxwings, protecting them from predators with its thorny branches. Reaching a height of up to eight meters, this tree loves sunny spaces with wet soils. You can enjoy its showy white flowers in the spring and collect its edible dark berries in the fall for a special treat.

Red-flowering currant is very popular among gardeners. It is beautiful in the early spring with its bright pink, drooping, clusters of flowers. This shrub will thrive in sunny gardens, growing up to three meters. It’s an important food source for hummingbirds, so it’s a must-have for anyone wanting to welcome hummingbirds to their garden. Its berries will even attract other birds later in the year, so gardens with this shrub will be surrounded by wildlife all year round.

“Native plants are so much better at attracting pollinators for my edible crops, and for the aesthetic side of things, there are no plants better suited to our environment,” says Kristine Perez, a previous FVC plant sale customer. “They thrive naturally without the need for much interference. They make gardening much more environmentally friendly and cost-effective, and it’s so much less work.”

The online plant catalogue contains information on how to choose the best plants for your space. Details on soil moisture, sun level, pollinator attractors, and more are provided so that gardeners can choose plants that will best suit their gardens. Plants can be purchased until Sept. 24, and are available for pick-up in the Bradner area of Abbotsford on Sept. 30.

Anyone wanting to purchase plants should view the catalogue early as stock is limited. To see the catalogue, visit

The Fraser Valley Conservancy’s Native Plant Sale is a fundraiser, all proceeds support the FVC’s programs protecting habitat for wildlife. Your plant purchases have double the impact, they will create habitat for wildlife in your garden while also helping protect and conserve the environment in the Fraser Valley.

For more information email or call 1-604-625-0066.

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