Kirsten Aven with the $100

Kirsten Aven with the $100

Lucky numbers pay off for Hope Keno player

Kirsten Aven won $100,000 in the May 1 draw

Hope resident Kirsten Aven wonders if karma played a role in helping her win $100,000 in a Keno draw.

The 53-year-old Dutchie’s Bakery clerk learned of her good fortune right after purchasing her ticket and checking her numbers at Lakeway Market on May 1 at about 10:30 a.m.

“I usually go to the gas station to get gas, coffee and doggy treats,” said Aven, adding that once inside she opted to buy a $2 Keno ticket. “I decided to combine my favorite numbers, a mix of birth dates and my favourite numbers, on one ticket for two draws.”

As is the case with any big win, the lottery terminal froze when the clerk checked the ticket and Aven needed to speak to a B.C. Lottery Corporation representative. She wasn’t sure how much she had won, but was soon told she was $100,000 richer.

“I stood there and my eyes started to well up,” said Aven. “The clerk even told me it couldn’t have happened to a nicer woman…it’s karma!”

Aven and her husband plan to use their winnings to celebrate, purchase a new car, do some home renovations and pay off some bills.