Dirtbiker on Hope’s Rotary Trail a cause for concern

‘Let’s use commonsense and use these trails safely,’ says Hope resident


We were walking our dogs along the Rotary Trail in Hope on Canada Day. When we were on one of the paths between Park Street and the Golf Course Road, an adolescent riding a motorbike came around a corner at full speed.

We managed to jump aside and pull our dogs to safety. The rider did not stop to see if we were OK. The sign at the south end notes that motorbikes and ATVs are not allowed on the trails.

However, access to these trails is quite easy.

I have two concerns. If people ride these trails with motorized vehicles, it is inevitable that someone is going to get hurt. As well, if one of these vehicles has an accident, with all the dry grass, underbrush, hot exhaust components and gasoline coming into contact, Hope is going to have its very own wildfire event.

Let’s use commonsense and use these trails safely.

Doug Astle

Letters to the editor