LETTER: Fossils take over B.C. politics

LETTER: Fossils take over B.C. politics


It appears B.C. is becoming all about fossils. Now, normally this would be a good thing. Fossils are marvels of nature, a product of time and chance providing us a glimpse into life long past. Alas, these are not the fossils showing up in our beautiful province. The fossils I refer to are fossil fuels and fossilized people. Both appear to be coming from the same location.

The fossils fuels are proving to be quite contentious. For some reason B.C. is not interested in having a trench dug up through its backyard and under its house foundation to run a sewer through. For some reason, B.C. rather likes its backyard and foundation intact and unpolluted. No matter to the sewer people, who demand compliance lest they cut themselves off from our hydro and wine.

The other fossils, the two-legged kind, disdain squabbles over the backyard and simply want to move into the house instead. They have boxed up the knickknacks, photos of the kids and moved into the basement suite pushing out the millennial children. The ultimate goal is to move upstairs and have the owners go inhabit the basement suite while the children camp out on the lawn.

The problem when one has dealings with fossils is that they are hardened into place. A fossil’s glory is that it has solidified life past. Future generations learn not what to do from fossils. Alberta could learn some important lessons from a fossil.

In the meantime, I’m going to the liquor store to lap up some of that B.C. wine Alberta doesn’t want.

Tina Laursen