LETTER: Housing project will bring more homeless to Hope

LETTER: Housing project will bring more homeless to Hope


An Open Letter to: Community Relations at B.C. Housing communityrelations@bchousing.org);and the District of Hope regarding the proposed Homeless Housing Project of 52 New Supportive Homes.

We are not opposed to the zoning application, as it would allow the House of Hope to become “conforming” in their zoning.

We are opposed to this particular program for the following reasons:

Encouraging additional homeless people to gravitate to Hope;

Increased manpower for policing, paramedics and health services, which will increase the District’s costs for those services;

The potential of having more unstable persons on our streets;

The potential of additional problems in our local stores and fast food outlets.

The criteria appears to be for homeless people only.

Will drugs or alcohol be allowed on site or on the property?

Will the “assessment” process include a criminal check?

In closing we wonder why we are not exploring one of the other housing programs that are currently available in conjunction with B.C. Housing?

The program, “Community Housing for Low to Moderate Income Families,” where rents can be fixed or set at 30 per cent of the family income sounds very good. This program would appear to support single parents and seniors who are already in our community.

Ray and Judy Green

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