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Letter: Unsightly properties in Hope

Community should attend tonight’s (Sept. 26) public hearing about strengthening bylaw requirements
A letter to the editor expresses a need to show support for strengthening bylaw requirements for vehicle-storage on their property. (Pexels/Pixaby)

To: Editor

What a blight on our otherwise beautiful little town, homeowners who flout the legal by-law of vehicle storage on their property. My understanding is that regular drive-ways can accommodate two road-worthy vehicles with NO parking allowed on the front lawn. This certainly appears reasonable and the majority of responsible persons respect this. However there are always those who feel laws and rules don’t apply to them and the by-law is simply ignored.

One individual in town who is notorious for this simply takes his vehicles with him every time he moves and the last time I drove by his property there were at least a dozen decrepit vehicles in the front yard alone. Easy to see other examples thru town—shame on these people.

Council is now asking for our input and support at a public hearing to consider strengthening our by-law requirement in this area. We need to let them know, loud and clear that they have our support when it comes to legal enforcement, including substantial fines as when necessary. All that can should try to turn up for the covering Public Hearing regarding by-law #1536 on Monday, Sept.26, at 6:30 p.m. Municipal Hall.

Its in our serious interest.

Wes Chaulk

Proud Hopian

Hope, BC

Kemone Moodley

About the Author: Kemone Moodley

I began working with the Hope Standard on August 2022.
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