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Why won’t Council save the Station House?

Local expresses confusion over District’s plans for historic building
Members of the Save the Station House coalition gathered at last week’s Chainsaw Carving Competition to spread their message regarding the CN Station House’s future. For more information, or to contact the group, visit their website at (Submitted photo)


I’ve tried to get my head around the fact that Mayor Robb and most of the Hope District Council members want to demolish the 105-year-old CNR Station House—but I just don’t get it!

Why in God’s green Earth would they want to get rid of the second oldest public building in the area?

Taking away the 1982 Heritage designation bestowed on the building by a former District Council is a scary prospect—what other buildings in the area will be deemed unusable? There seems to be an ulterior motive—but what?

So far I have not heard Mayor Robb explain why he has dug in his heels in this matter. Does he think that the people who are trying to save the building are lying or fabricating the information provided by BC Heritage and other professionals?

Having a lovely old building in plain sight from the highway as one comes into Hope is a plus. It has been a drawing card for years at its present location—it certainly will be again if located on Water Ave. and used as the museum and Info Centre, as were District plans in 2017.

As I said at the beginning of this letter, I just don’t get it!

Sharon L. Blythe