There are few regions that offer the variety of river trips available in Hope and the Fraser Canyon

  • Apr. 1, 2013 12:00 p.m.
Rafting on the Fraser River.

Rafting on the Fraser River.

What was once used as a method of travel for First Nations and early explorers is now popular for thousands of recreational enthusiasts. There are few regions that offer the variety of river trips that are available in Hope and the Fraser Canyon.

Small volume rivers are run with smaller paddle rafts and offer a faster action-packed experience. The Nahatlatch River is a premier whitewater run that drops continuously for 12 kilometres with rapids such as Meat Grinder, Twisted Sister, and Lose Yer Lunch. The Coquihalla River just outside Hope offers rafters a unique view of the Cascade Mountains as you plunge through almost continuous rapids: Committed, Boulder Drop and Initiation, to name only a few. Everyone gets a paddle and works as a team to navigate safely down these types of rivers. Professional river guides provide instructions both before the trip and while shooting the rapids. They will also entertain with river lore, interesting facts and secret stories about the area you won’t find in any history book.

The large volume rivers, like the mighty Fraser are run with large pontoon style power rafts. These wide stable rafts are required for the huge rapids of Hell’s Gate and Sailors Bar. The guide navigates with a motor at the back of the raft.

The Thompson River offers both power and paddle rafting depending on the water levels. Both the Thompson and the Fraser expeditions are journeys through dramatic and historic canyons.

With several reputable white water rafting companies within a short distance of Hope, there are trips suitable for everyone.