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Students start touring new aerospace academy in Abbotsford

IMP Aerospace Defence to open doors to students in early 2024 at Cascade Aerospace site

Local youth are getting the first hands-on experiences at a new aerospace academy in Abbotsford.

IMP Aerospace & Defence announced this month they are starting an academy at Cascade Aerospace, along with a similar academy in Enfield, NS. They won’t start running programs until February 2024, but in the meantime, young people are being treated to tours of the facility and hands-on trades activities.

The tours are open to classes and community youth groups, and are a way for youth to explore whether they’d like to work in aerospace as aircraft maintenance technicians.

IMP Academy will run a four-year, paid apprenticeship program, with 16 seats open per intake. There will also be a four-week Intro to Aerospace program, which is a tuition-free, unpaid program. There will be 25 available seats for each intake of that program.

Potential future students of the academy have been led in a number of activities, from making small items using hydraulic line tools, sheet metal tools and related equipment to having fun with pneumatic tubs, black light flashlights and water fire extinguishers.

They have been inside a blown-up life raft, built spaghetti towers and using basic electrical wiring circuits.

The paid apprenticeship program for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians is targeted at those aspiring to have a well-paid and stable start to their career. The Transport Canada accepted curriculum is provided by the Canadian Council of Aviation and Aerospace (CCAA).

While the program aims primarily to engage recent high-school graduates, this program is for anyone looking for their aerospace career take off at one of Canada’s top defence companies. The program will open with a four-week Introduction to Aerospace Skilled Trades, after which interested candidates can apply to the Aircraft Maintenance Apprenticeship Program. There are no textbook or tuition fees, and students will be paid throughout the apprenticeship program.

“The entire IMP Aerospace organization is incredibly excited to welcome our first cadre of apprentices onto our team. The outstanding technical curriculum, coupled with our renowned depth of expertise and experience, is certainly the winning combination to prepare these highly motivated candidates for long and successful aerospace careers,” said Mike Michaud, EVP of IMP Aerospace.

To learn more about IMP Academy, visit Applications are currently being reviewed for acceptance.

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