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Aurabi Boomerang Ball Reviews - Legit Flying Toy to Buy or Fake Hype?

Kids and youngsters tend to have a limited attention span when it comes to playing with toys. And who can blame them, especially given the amount of digital entertainment that they have become exposed to these days?

Kids and youngsters tend to have a limited attention span when it comes to playing with toys. And who can blame them, especially given the amount of digital entertainment that they have become exposed to these days?

Most kids today believe they can only find enjoyment and a rewarding experience by spending hours on end glued to their smartphones, tablets, and gaming systems. It, therefore, comes as no surprise to find that most are unwilling to think of anything beyond digital entertainment.

Well, the Aurabi Boomerang Ball is here to change this perspective. Until a few months ago, flying balls were unheard of, and few people could ever imagine having fun with one. In this review, we will look at this ball and the reasons why people around the country love it.

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball – What Is It?

According to its official website, the Aurabi Boomerang Ball is a flying, glowing ball that comes equipped with drone technology. It’s a creation designed to get kids and active adults away from electronics and into something more meaningful and engaging.

When you buy the Aurabi Boomerang Ball, you get more than an ordinary toy – with it, you get a trendy toy that all kids and adults alike will talk about for hours, helping get rid of their fixation with modern electronics, which can prove harmful if left uncontrolled.

The Aurabi ball has been designed to provide its users with endless tricks, offline games, and all sorts of fun. Some of the features you can look forward to enjoying while playing with this trendy toy are:

  • Drop-resistant and extremely durable
  • Impressive spinner flying action
  • Colorful, dynamic built-in lights
  • Lightweight and portable design

Let’s look at it in more detail before mentioning the ten reasons why users love it!


The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is a recently released product that has proven to be a hit with kids and adults who are young at heart. It features a new design concept that has adopted a spherical shape that’s roughly the size of a standard orange.

It’s important to note its size as this plays a crucial role in terms of the hardware built into it and your ability to hold and play with it. From what we have seen during our review, this small size allows even the tiniest of hands to grasp, throw, and catch it when it comes flying back.

Although its package design can benefit from new and better-looking art, you shouldn’t let this tiny aspect turn you away from what it has to offer. Inside its package, you’ll find the Aurabi Boomerang Ball, an instruction manual, a charging cable, and a magnet dome.

Flight and Handling

We know you’re interested in learning more about its handling, and you’ll be glad to note that the Aurabi Boomerang ball doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. Once you have unwrapped it, allow it to charge for at least half an hour before first use.

When fully charged, the ball will provide you with up to 10 minutes of unrestricted playtime. During this period, you’ll have a chance to fly it upwards and downwards and observe it soar and glide to heights of up to 100 feet high.

Its operations are as simple as 1, 2, 3, and only require you to:

  • Turn the ball on
  • Shake it up a bit
  • Throw it around

The manual included in its packaging contains all the details you need to know about playing with the Aurabi Boomerang Ball. They will teach you how to charge the toy and how to get it going. Apart from this, you don’t need a ‘how to fly’ manual as you can learn the rest on the go.


Durability and Maintenance

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball features a spherical share that’s both lightweight and springy, which is ideal for this type of trendy toy. Its bounce will help cushion its landing, ensuring it doesn’t break open unexpectedly.

Although this ball is generally designed to withstand impact, we found out that it’s not as durable as most users would like. Why do we say this? When you play with it long enough, the ball will start to show signs of a growing collection of superficial wear. For example, its exterior paints may begin to chip off due to its contact with hard surfaces.

While this is not a big deal, we thought you should know what to expect, so it doesn’t come as a surprise. Also, take care not to leave it on your pet’s path as they may decide to bite it in a bit to play with it leaving some discernible bite marks behind.

Ten Reasons Why Users Across the U.S. Love the Aurabi Boomerang Ball

As we mentioned earlier on in the introduction, there are ten reasons why every person who has played with this trendy toy has come to love it. These reasons include the following:

  • It’s surprisingly affordable for such a trendy and fun toy (more on its pricing information in a bit)
  • Aurabi Boomerang Ball gets your kids away from their digital entertainment and encourages them to take part in some physical activities
  • You’ll love it because you can use it to perform all kinds of games or tricks, and it is suitable for people of all ages
  • It’s easy to use – simply turn it on, shake it a bit, and toss it around. Besides charging it regularly, that’s all it takes to get it going
  • You can use a single ball on its own or buy multiple balls for multiple fun
  • It doesn’t take long to charge to capacity via its USB charging port
  • It’s perfectly sized, making it easy for kids and adults alike to throw and catch with ease
  • It has built-in colorful lights that make it look like a flying fidget spinner making it an irresistible toy for parents and seniors
  • Anyone can play with this toy. The Aurabi Boomerang ball has no age limit
  • It’s durable and drop-resistant, allowing you to engage in worry-free playtime

Pricing and Availability

The Aurabi Boomerang Ball is only available on the official website. Its manufacturer is currently running a limited-time discount that has seen its prices significantly reduced to the rates mentioned below:

  • 1 Aurabi Boomerang Ball at $59.99 + S&H
  • 2 Aurabi Boomerang Balls at $119.99 + S&H
  • 3 Aurabi Boomerang Balls at $134.99 + S&H
  • 4 Aurabi Boomerang Balls at $164.99 + S&H

A 30-day money-back guarantee helps protect every order placed today.