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BowHunting Pro-Tracker Recovery System Reviews - Real Bowhunter Results?

As a hunter, losing an animal that you have shot can be a devastating experience. Not only is it frustrating and disappointing, but it can also be costly in terms of resources. According to research, up to 75% of animals shot by a bow are never found. This means that many hunters go home empty-handed after wasting a full day on it.

As a hunter, losing an animal that you have shot can be a devastating experience. Not only is it frustrating and disappointing, but it can also be costly in terms of resources. According to research, up to 75% of animals shot by a bow are never found. This means that many hunters go home empty-handed after wasting a full day on it.

This can be especially frustrating for hunters who rely on their own tracking skills to locate their prey. This is why it is important to have a reliable way to find your prey. This is where ProTracker archery comes in with their new Bowhunting recovery system.

What is the BowHunting Recovery System?

The BowHunting Recovery System is a tool that allows hunters to find and locate their prey. The system consists of a small, lightweight device that attaches to the arrow or bolt. A handheld receiver that allows the hunter to track the location of the animal is also included. The device uses advanced tech to accurately track the animal’s movements, even over long distances.

How does it work?

Let us now understand how the recovery system works. As mentioned before, it uses advanced location technology to track the animal. It uses radio frequencies so that the animal can be tracked even in places with no cellular connection. First of all, you stick the radio transmitter and carrier on the head of your arrow.

When you take your shot, the impact will cause the transmitter to stick to the animal’s skin. As soon as it sticks, it starts emitting radio transmissions. The handheld receiver will start receiving signals and will show you the real-time movements of the animal. Now, you have to keep a check on the signal strength.

Walk a few yards in any direction, if the strength increases, keep going in that direction. However, if the number decreases, change your direction and keep doing this until your strength starts increasing. Now go forward in that direction and then keep changing your direction according to the highest signal. Keep doing this and eventually, you will find your prey.

Who is it for?

This recovery system is targeted toward hunters, specifically bow hunters as it attaches to arrows. If you are fond of bow hunting and want to catch more animals within less time, this product is perfect for you.

Features and Benefits

The BowHunting recovery system has many exciting features and benefits:

Animals can be tracked over very long distances. The company claims that the tracking radius is about 2 miles.

It has a long battery life. It can last up to 18-20 hours after being deployed from the arrow.

You can track anywhere, even somewhere without a wifi or cellular connection. This is because it uses radio-frequency transmissions.

Although each tracker weighs about 100g, it does not affect the flight of the arrow. The manufacturers have carefully engineered it so that the arrow flies the same way and the weight is balanced. According to several tests, it performs well on both short distances (20-30 yards) and long distances (50-60 yards).

The batteries on the transmitter can be charged again and again.

The product is extremely durable. You are also offered a warranty if the product breaks.

Other companies that manufacture similar products attach the transmitter to the back of the arrows. This means that unless you shoot the arrow perfectly at the target, you will not be able to track the animal. The BowHunting Recovery System, on the other hand, attaches its transmitters to the arrowhead. This means that it attaches to the animal as soon as it feels the impact and becomes independent of the arrow.

The entire process is also very ethical. You can immediately track down the animal. This prevents the animal from getting spoiled after it becomes dead.

The product is completely patented. 5 patents have been issued on its design so no other company can copy it.

What’s included?

The BowHunting Recovery system comes with a lot of things included in the box:

  • 1 Radio Frequency Transmitter: This is the main part of the recovery system. It is of a bright green color so that it can be visible even in dark conditions. Weight: 120g and 3.5 inches long.
  • 2 7075 Aluminium Carriers: This carrier is used to resist high-speed impacts. It is the same technology in aerospace programs. 100g weight and 3.5 inches long.
  • 1 Handheld Radio Frequency Receiver with Backlit LED Screen: This is the tracker that receives the radio signals from the transmitters. It can track up to 6 transmitters at one time.
  • 1 YAGI Antenna.
  • 1 Practice Dummy Transmitter Alpha: You can use this transmitter for practicing sighting and shooting.
  • 1 Dual Charger for Transmitters: This can charge 2 transmitters simultaneously.
  • 1USB Cable for Charger: This is connected to dual chargers to charge the transmitters.
  • 1 USB to Edison plug: You can use this plug to charge from wall outlets. 1 Custom Carrying Case: This case has a lot of space and is specifically built to protect the recovery system.
  • 30 Retainer Clips: These clips are used to hold your transmitters to the carriers.
  • 30 Secure Bands: These bands are made from Crossbow tape.



The BowHunting Recovery system is currently available at a discount if you buy through the official website. The current retail price of the recovery system is $599. Usually, this sells for $699. Free shipping within the US is included with this purchase.

Refund Policy

As mentioned above, the product comes with a warranty. All purchases made through the official website come with a 60-day complete money-back guarantee if the product is unused. If you encounter a defect within 1 year of the normal use of the system, you can get a replacement for free. To find out more, head to the official website.


What is the total weight of this?

The carrier is 120g and the transmitter is 100g, so in total, this adds about 220g of weight to your arrow.

Can we pair it with other transmitters?

Yes, two transmitters can be paired so you can enjoy hunting with your friend.

Does blood or water affect it?

No, it is completely blood proof and waterproof.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the BowHunting Recovery System is a valuable tool for hunters, especially bow hunters, to track their prey. It uses radio frequency transmissions to accurately track the animal’s movements over long distances, even in areas without a cellular connection. You should definitely consider buying this recovery system if you often go bowhunting.