Etee Reusable Food Wraps Review – Effective Organic Foodwraps Worth It?

Food wraps are becoming an essential item in every homestead. The number doubles if you have a large family to feed; you will need to wrap leftovers, lunches, and more. Plastic bags have been used for the longest time, but they can be wasteful and expensive, and at times, they rip, making them difficult to reuse.

If you are looking for an alternative solution to keep food fresh, Etee reusable food wraps are your breakthrough. The Food Wraps by Etee are said to be very convenient and eco-friendly. You can use them, clean them, and reuse them for one year.

In the following Etee Reusable Food Wraps review, we will discuss how they work, their features, benefits, pros and cons, and where to purchase them.

What are Etee reusable food wraps?

Etee Reusable Food Wraps are packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables, and leftover foods made using natural, 100% biodegradable, and organic materials to keep food fresh for a long time. The manufacturing of the food wraps is inspired by methods from Ancient Egypt, which involve using beeswax and coniferous tree resins.

The biodegradable wraps are easy to use, and you can wrap food directly and seal bowls and other food storage containers. Etee Reusable Food Wraps can be stored and used over and over for up to one year. The fabric used to make the product is breathable making them safe to use.

Etee Wraps will save you the money you would have used on disposable plastic bags. The beeswax texture repels stains making them durable and maintaining their original look. You can easily clean the Etee Wraps after use with non-alcohol soap and cold water and leave them to air dry for subsequent use.

Etee Wraps are manufactured by a reputable company specializing in creating eco-friendly products. The company prides itself in stopping ecological damage and cruelty.

How Etee reusable food wraps work

Etee Reusable Food Wraps are made using high-quality material for effectiveness. The wrappers come in sheets of different colors. The working mechanism involves heat, enabling the wraps to stick to food containers. Heat activates the gum making the sheets hold together and preventing aeration.

When you seal the bowl or container, the sheets cool, maintain the same shape, and are still airtight. The sheets lock on each other like a candy roll. Your food will be safe from toxins found in plastic wraps.

Features of Etee reusable food wraps

Etee Reusable Food Wraps has the following unique features:

USDA Organic beeswax: Beeswax has antibacterial properties similar to those found in honey which helps keep substances clean and reduce the risk of contamination. Beeswax is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and edible. It has propolis which shields it from going bad. The sealing characteristic in Etee Reusable Food Wraps is supported by beeswax.

Coniferous resins: The traditional tree is an antimicrobial that helps fight a wide range of bacteria and fungi and is linked with wound healing. It helps slow down microbial degradation. The food wraps can withstand the test of time.

Cinnamon essential oil: Cinnamaldehyde compound in cinnamon is rich in antibacterial properties that help fight bacteria and viruses. The compound increases the safety and shelf-life of food products by destroying foodborne pathogens and spoilage bacteria.

Jojoba oil: The essential oil is a preservative in Etee Reusable Food Wraps due to its antibacterial effects. It helps prevent aflatoxin contamination.

Soy wax is derived from soybeans and is primarily used in candles. The herbal ingredient is vegan-friendly and makes the Etee Reusable Food Wraps odorless.

GOTS Certified organic cotton: The compound is grown without pesticides and chemicals. It is free from toxins and contamination. The organic cotton in Etee’s Reusable Food Wraps is renewable and biodegradable, making it the ideal fabric for storage.

Benefits of Etee Reusable Food Wraps

Different sizes: Etee Reusable Food Wraps are available in different sizes so that you can wrap around containers or snacks of various sizes.

Eco-friendly: Etee Reusable Food Wraps are fully biodegradable. It makes one feel confident not to contribute to throwing waste into the environment.

Reusable: According to the manufacturer, Etee Reusable Food Wraps can be used over 120 times in one year. They can be washed, dried, and reused.

Easy to Clean: You can gently clean Etee Reusable Food Wraps with soap and cold water and air dry them.

Easy to use: Etee Reusable Food Wraps are easy to use, even by kids. The wraps fold and twist easily to keep snacks fresh. Warm your hands and seal the food container.

Safe: Etee Reusable Food Wraps are safe for fresh foods and cereals. They are made using 100% organic materials. However, you should avoid wrapping up uncooked meat.

No leakage: the wraps hold tight on containers, preventing leakage and aeration.

Keeps food fresh: Etee Reusable Food Wraps can keep food fresh for a long time. They have preservative ingredients which prevent toxins and contamination that cause food to go bad.

Saves Money: due to the reusable nature of Etee Reusable Food Wraps, you will save money you would have used on plastic wraps.

How to use Organic Etee Reusable Food Wraps

Etee Reusable Food Wraps are easy to use. All you have to do is rub one sheet gently in your hands for a warming effect. Place the sheet on whatever you want to wrap and press to make it hold tight to the shape of the container. The wraps will lock on top of each other, preventing aeration.

Etee Reusable Food Wraps do not stain easily due to the petroleum-free wax. However, you can clean them after use with gentle soap and water and hang them to dry.

Each package of the Etee Food Wraps includes:

Small Teal wrap (7″ x 8″) – suitable for vegetables and small fruits.

Medium Green wrap (10″ x 11″) – for cheese, tomatoes, part of a sandwich, trail mix, half a head of lettuce or cabbage, medium-sized bowls, small tomatoes, and even baked goods

Large Blue wrap (12″ x 14″) – For whole sandwiches, leftover pizza, larger containers, melons, grapes, greens, beans, celery, cheese, and asparagus.


  • Are BPA-free
  • The manufacturer offers free shipping in USA and Canada
  • It can be reused for up to one year or 120 – 150 uses
  • Certified Organic cotton fabric by the Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Five-star reviews
  • They are non-toxic and have no heavy metals, AZOs, or formaldehyde
  • The elements in the Etee Reusable Food Wraps are scientifically researched and tested.


  • Etee Reusable Food Wraps are only available on the official website;
  • Avoid keeping Etee Reusable Food Wraps in a freezer for long periods
  • Using Etee reusable food wraps in a microwave exposes them to extreme heat, making them less effective.

Etee Reusable Food Wraps Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

You can purchase Etee Reusable Food Wraps only on the authorized website. The company provides free shipping in the US and Canada and reasonable worldwide shipping rates. Here are the bundle prices:

  • Singles and Couples (1-2 people) at $39.00 + free US and Canada shipping;
  • Families (4-5 people) at $75.00 + free US and Canada shipping;
  • Groups (8-10 people) at $135.00 + free US and Canada shipping.

Each purchase comes with a 90-day risk-free trial, allowing customers to use the food wraps within three months. If you are unhappy with the product, you can get a full refund by sending an email to:

  • Email: info@shopetee.com


Etee Reusable Food Wraps are suitable for preserving food, saving money, and protecting families against plastic chemicals. You can use the wraps to pack lunch and snacks, keep food in the house, and store food for up to 30 days in a freezer. The wraps are easy to use and clean.

Etee Reusable Food Wraps have unique features that make them safe and 100% biodegradable. You can use the product about 120-150 times a year.