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Food Freedom Program Reviews - Worth the Money or Waste of Time?

Food security is a matter of concern. Verified reports indicate that mother earth cannot sustain the growing population. Recent political chaos, effects of global warming, and pollution lower the natural ability to grow food without chemicals.

Food security is a matter of concern. Verified reports indicate that mother earth cannot sustain the growing population. Recent political chaos, effects of global warming, and pollution lower the natural ability to grow food without chemicals.

Many people across the globe are in danger of starving to death. Thus, it is a personal initiative to ensure a constant food supply. Is it possible to grow food on limited land? Are there innovative seeds that grow in inclement weather?

The Food Freedom Program by Henry Cobb is a systematic guide that educates readers on how to create aquaponic gardens using limited resources. Is the program worth the hype? Who can use it? Continue reading to find out more about the Food Freedom Program!

What is the Food Freedom System?

Thousands of people globally die of hunger and hunger-related complications daily. Studies show that millions of individuals have zero access to essential food groups leading to a decline in health. Consequently, food shortage is ranked top among the primary global crisis.

Climate change, pollution, and poverty are some leading causes of food insecurity. Fortunately, experts claim that it is possible to solve food shortage issues personally.

The Food Freedom System is a systematic program that can aid users in developing complete food independence. The creator, Henry Cobb, claims that the guide can assist people in becoming more self-sufficient, addressing food shortage issues.

The Food Freedom System is a guide designed to assist you in creating an aquaponic garden within your home. The digital guide is available in pdf format; hence you can download it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer immediately after payment.

Henry Cobb provides a step-by-step guide, videos, and eBooks to educate users on how to create aquaponic gardens and maintain them for years. Thus, you are assured of a food supply regardless of climate or political chaos.

All the foods grown in the aquaponic garden are organic and natural. They are free from harmful inorganic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

The Food Freedom System uses existing water systems. The aquaponic gardens are designed to never run out of water using a self-replenishing system. Additionally, the system is low maintenance, so even busy folks can keep and manage it.

Who can Use the Food Freedom System?

Anyone can use the Food Freedom System regardless of their geographic location. The program is intended to give users a steady food supply during the looming drought season. It provides information on self-sufficiency and the need to grow food using the available resources.

The Food Freedom System is self-explanatory, and anyone can benefit from it, including those with zero knowledge of agriculture. Henry Cobb simplifies the guide to ensure that most Americans and citizens from other nations can utilize it.

What is Inside the Food Freedom System?

Henry Cobb claims that the collection of videos and digital books inside the Food Freedom System is designed to help you survive a food crisis. Additionally, the customers qualify to be part of an online support group aiming to save families via sustainable food production. The three fundamental documents inside the system include:

Do It Yourself (DIY) Aquaponic

Henry Cobb provides this manual to help you build an aquaponic and use it to grow food. The structure is designed to aid you in growing fish and food using the same water. The DIY Aquaponic guide is said to be easy to comprehend and provides all the details necessary to create an aquaponic structure. The two-phase system ensures you can grow food and rear fish, hence meeting your family’s food needs.’

The fish are intended to nourish the plants while the plants purify the water creating an effective self-sustaining system. Henry Cobb claims you can build the aquaponic system quickly within a day using local materials.

Construct Geodome

The Geodome is necessary to ensure a constant food supply throughout the year. The tutorial educates the users on constructing a Geodome that supports food production regardless of the season.

Things you need to Survive

Henry Cobb provides a list of essential items to survive a disaster, including tools and medical supplies. The creator includes information on how to store and utilize the surplus harvest using simple canning methods.

Topics under the Food Freedom System

  • Methods of maintaining a steady supply of food and fish throughout the seasons
  • How to protect your loved ones against any catastrophe
  • How to make a portable green garden
  • How to create an aquaponic system using limited resources
  • How to make a functional Geodome
  • How to you can live off the grid for over two decades
  • How to grow vegetables and fruits in a Geodome
  • The type of seeds that you should have in your seed vault

Benefits of the Food Freedom System

The Food Freedom System is simple to use and comprehend regardless of your background in agriculture.

  • It can ensure you have a steady food supply even in calamities
  • It can provide you with nutritious and natural foods free from harmful chemicals
  • You can reduce your food bill by up to 75%
  • The Food Freedom System is durable and has no expiry
  • The Food Freedom System uses minimal space
  • It can save you money and efforts
  • The Food Freedom System is described as sustainable and may resolve food insecurity.
  • The program is digital and accessible regardless of your location on the planet.
  • It may aid in enhancing the environment and minimizing pollution.


Food Freedom System is only available via the official website for $37.00. It is a one-time purchase, and consumers will have instant access to all the materials, including bonuses, once payment is completed. A 180-day money-back guarantee protects each investment, and customers can call 7 am to 9 pm seven days a week or email the company and request a refund at the following:

  • Phone: 1-888-366-3510
  • Self Service:!/>
  • Email:

Additional Free Bonuses

  • Seed Vault for Survival
  • The 4-square foot box that you can grow 100 pounds of potatoes
  • Long-term food storage techniques
  • Exclusive access to the private members’ area


Food is essential for survival. The rising cases of food insecurity emanate from political chaos, climate change, pollution, and poverty. The Food Freedom System is an online educational program by Henry Cobb that may help you grow your food. The curriculum teaches methods of creating an aquaponic using locally available materials within hours. Similarly, it guides the users on foods and seeds that can thrive throughout the year. You can grow the seeds in the Food Freedom System in limited areas, including a basement.