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One Done Workout Review – Effective Meredith Shirk Workouts or Fake Results?

On their website, you will find a video of people excitedly describing how this product helped them lose weight. Some of the scenarios sound almost implausible, but the before and after pictures are convincing.

On their website, you will find a video of people excitedly describing how this product helped them lose weight. Some of the scenarios sound almost implausible, but the before and after pictures are convincing.

We all live busy lives, and most of the time, we do not have time to take care of our bodies. Most people tell you that weight loss needs commitment and dedication, but how do you stay consistent when your schedules leave you with just enough time to grab a rushed dinner and jump into bed?

We all want to lose weight, but we want an easy weight-loss program that doesn’t take a lot of time and starts showing results as soon as possible. Sounds impossible, right?

What if there was a routine that could get rid of all those unnecessary weights? What if we said it takes 7 minutes a day to get a perfectly sculpted body? What if we told you about the One & Done workout program?

What Is The One & Done Workout Program

According to the creators, this workout routine is the best way to lose weight without stress. It was created for all sexes and did not require you to spend hours lifting iron.

The One & Done Workout program is based on the Sprint interval training method. The goal is to boost metabolism and weight loss while improving overall health and fitness.

Do not freak out. The sprints are not actual intense exercise sprints. They are short exercise sprints that work to burn fat in the long term.

The program’s goal is to activate a hormone called Irisin, also known as the exercise hormone. This hormone aids skeletal muscles in absorbing glucose. It also boosts glucose and lipid metabolism in the liver. This hormone is a powerful weight loss tool; all it takes to activate it is this 7-minute program.

Because of its long-term potential, this program has more fat and calorie-burning capability than your regular workout routines. The program is super affordable and comes with features you might not see on your regular workout programs.

When you get this program, you get access to a member’s dashboard that is online and can be accessed anywhere in the world. You also get access to workout videos, instructions on how to do the workout effectively without machines, and healthy eating plans.

If your goal is to find an affordable routine that lets you lose weight while saving you time, a routine where you do not need equipment to get the best results, then we advise you to get the One And Done Workout Program.

Who Created This Program?

Meredith Shirk created the One And Done program. She is the founder of Svelte Media Incorporated and works as a fitness nutrition specialist. The One And Done Program is not her first creation. Because of her passion for fitness and weight loss, she has created many online-coaching programs, diet plans, and supplements. She has also written many books on the topic.

Who Did She Create The Program For?

One And Done is made for anyone who wants to lose weight and stay healthy, regardless of age and gender. It is suitable for everyone, irrespective of your current fitness level. With the instructions you get, everyone can follow this program.

How Does The One And Done Workout Program Work?

One and Done is based on a series of exercise bursts. It is broken down into three parts and consists of 14 unique workouts. The entire process takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The program is broken into three parts:

  • Warm-up: This lasts about two minutes.
  • Sprint Workout and Recovery Cycles: It lasts about 7 minutes
  • Flow-down: This is the cool-down phase and lasts about a minute.

During the course of the program, the warm-up and flow-down routines always have the same series of exercises, while the Sprint Workout and Recovery series get different routines for each session.

The Sprint Workout and Recover cycle are broken down into three sets of 20 seconds of sprint interval training (also called SIT) and 2 minutes of active recovery. You would have performed SIT for only one minute at the end of the routine.

What Does The Result Look Like?

On average, it takes burning 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat. When you finish the One And Done Program, you should lose between 5 and 20 pounds.

How is this possible? Because the program burns about 1000 calories per hour on average. We do not advise you to lose 20 pounds because that might be deleterious to your health. Moderation is important here, which is why the creator of this program has fashioned it to be done only a few times a week. If you are consistent with the meal plan, you should lose about pounds or more in 14 days. All these are based on how intense your routine is and how often you work out in a week.

What Do You Get When You Order This Workout Program?

When you pay for this program, you get access to the Workout program and other interesting benefits, including:

The One And Done Quick Start Guide

This is a 7-page guide that serves as an orientation. It tells you where to start and what you should do next.

One And Done Workout Manual

This is another short 19-page manual that covers everything in the program, from the principles of SIT to the diet and exercise routines to follow. The workouts are also clearly described, and you get an extended workout calendar.

10-Day Keto Reset

Keto is an effective diet regimen and one of the few that works. Your One And Done Package comes with a guide on how to use keto to lose weight. This is in addition to what you would get from the workout.

Progress Tracker

Measure how well you are doing with this progress tracker. It helps you keep track of all your workout. You can also use it to keep notes.

Workout Videos

The program also comes with workout videos that are easily accessible. The videos are simple, and the routines are easy to replicate. You can view them on any device, including mobile, so you can work out even when you are not close to your PC.

Members Dashboard

All these are made available to you on an easy-to-use members dashboard. You can access all the workout videos and guides from this dashboard. Because it is online, you can access all your videos from anywhere in the world.


Getting this program also gives you access to bonus packages. These bonuses offer a boost and lay a foundation for the program. The bonuses include:

The Red Smoothie Bonus: This is a recipe book filled with smoothies that help prepare for the program. The recipes also prepare you for the health and weight loss effect of the Keto Reset. These recipes are simple; you can source the ingredients from your local store.

The Green Smoothie Bonus: Like the Red Smoothie Bonus, this smoothie is filled with nutritious smoothies. They are easy to make, and the ingredients can be sourced from local stores.

What we like about this program is that the Guides are small. They are short, easy to follow, and packed with many details. It makes it easier to start your journey.

What Are The Features And Benefits Of This Programme

  • Sprint Interval Training (SIT) is one of the most effective workout routines. It burns more calories than the typical workout routines, which is why it is a better option for weight loss.
  • Each workout session lasts for 10 minutes so that you can fit it anywhere in your schedule.
  • This workout’s effect on the Irisin hormone and your metabolism means you will continue reaping the weight loss effect long after you are done with the program.
  • The process lasts 14 days, but you get an extended calendar if you want to continue after the 14 days.
  • You get instant access to your products once you make a payment.
  • The dashboard is easy to navigate, and the workouts are simple and short.
  • Everyone can use this program.
  • The pricing is affordable so that you can save on gym expenses.
  • It helps build healthy eating habits.

What Is The Price Like

All it takes is a single payment to access this program’s features and benefits. You do not need to buy any upsells.

When you buy from the official website, you get access to massive discounts. At the moment, the product is going for $37.


The One And Done workout program is a must-have for everyone who runs a busy life and still wants to lose weight. You get a simple process that guarantees you lose 5 pounds of weight over 2 weeks.

We checked out the program, and people online agree that this product works and is great for anyone who wants to lose weight. The effect continues showing even after you are done with the program. Please visit their website to get yours at an amazing discount.