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QuickCharge Pro Reviews: Is Quick Charge Pro Charger Legit or Scam?

The average individual still struggles to find a good charger with optimum performance. With the QuickCharge Pro, you will never have to worry about the struggle of charging your devices.

The average individual still struggles to find a good charger with optimum performance. With the QuickCharge Pro, you will never have to worry about the struggle of charging your devices.

Portability, affordability, and durability are three main criteria many of us search for when looking into chargers. While more future tech advancements may be nearer than we think, in the meantime, we have a powerful tool that supplies our needs.

The charger is uniquely made and fine-tuned to fit the 21st-century user, an all-in-one charger spearheading us into the future.

What Is QuickCharge Pro?

The QuickCharger Pro is no ordinary battery charger– it is an advanced gadget with intricate multi-current technology that allows you to charge multiple electronic devices simultaneously at high-speed rates.

Each charging port carries about 12 watts to supply sufficient electricity to your charging devices at a similar pace.

Instead of charging devices one at a time, this adapter can charge your headphones, phones, tablets, and other electronics simultaneously and in a fraction of the time.

As a measurement of its capabilities, it can power up a regular phone from 0% to 80% in 35 minutes.

QuickCharge Pro Design

A slick yet unassuming gadget, the QuickCharge Pro is a sophisticated gadget that warrants a thorough investigation.

It is aesthetically pleasing, with a sleek casing and a clean appearance. Whereas the typical charger comes with a single port for your charging cable, this charger comes with four ports, allowing you to connect several devices.

QuickCharge Pro Features

Multiple Ports for Multiple devices

As mentioned, the charger comes with multiple ports, saving you time. Instead of charging your electronics one at a time, you now charge numerous devices.

The charger also comes with a surge protector for those who worry about electrical surges. It ensures that your gadgets remain safe as they charge.

Unique Technology

QuickCharge Pro is an advanced device. Its versatility is backed by specially-made technology to ensure that your devices are safe when they charge.

As a multifaceted charger, many may worry about its durability. But this unique equipment is made to last.

QuickCharge Pro is miles ahead of competing brands with the Smart Integrated Circuit. The minds behind QuickCharge Pro included the ability to detect the correct electrical current output that your device can manage.

Its ability to detect and self-regulate is impressive in this technological era, as it means you do not have to stress about which port will charge faster or which one might fry your phone.

QuickCharge Pro Pros

You Charge More Than One Device at a Time

Whether you have friends over or you want to keep all your electronics fully charged, the QuickCharge Pro is the fitting addition for you. The standard adapter falls short because it can only charge a single device simultaneously.

Equally important to note is the evenly distributed wattage, which means that the speed is uniform regardless of which port you charge.

Fast Charging for All Your Devices

While many chargers may have certain qualities, QuickCharge Pro works efficiently. Instead of waiting hours for your device to fully charge, the charger performs four times better than the average charging brick.

You no longer have to wait hours for your device to charge. Your phone is fully charged in a quarter of the time.


One of its best qualities is portability. The Quick Pro charger is a compact electronic gadget. It weighs about 8g, with dimensions of 7cm ✕ 5cm ✕ 3cm.

Its practical size makes it easy to handle and care for when traveling. Therefore, no fuss is involved, no matter where you plan on going or when. Throw it into a bag, and you are ready to go.

Fireproof Material

Using any electric device requires the materials to withstand short-circuiting. For an added layer of surge protection mechanism, the QuickCharge Pro is fireproof and made from premium quality materials to ensure that the adapter and your devices are cared for.

The adaptor is built with braided cable made from Nylon and an aluminum casing through advanced engineering, keeping it light yet durable.


Compatible With Several Popular Brands

While many gadgets have specific chargers that work solely for those devices, this adapter is versatile. It works on several popular tech brands, including Apple and Android smartphones.

In summary, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a separate adaptor for each one. The QuickCharge Pro can connect to all.

Easy to Use

The QuickCharge Pro is straightforward to use. Plug the 2-pin device into a wall and connect up to four devices for fast charging.


Another reason to love this new piece of technology is its silence, instead of the irritating hum you get with other brands.

Therefore, the QuickCharge Pro is a sophisticated silent equipment that draws little attention to itself, making it the perfect addition to your collection of electronics.

Consistent Fast Charge

Another highlight of this neat electronic device is that, unlike some chargers that reduce charging speeds once the device reaches a specific percentage, the QuickCharge Pro is consistent.

The fast charging will stay consistent even if your device hits 80%.

Compatible With Old Technology and USB-Friendly

What’s more, if you have older gadgets you want to keep using, there is no need to worry. The USB C port is suitable for older-generation devices.

QuickCharge Pro Cons

Two-Pin Plug

The two-pin nature of the plug proves to be an issue if you live in or visit a country with standard 3-pin sockets. This USB wall charger requires an adaptor to fit the sockets.

No Indicator Light

Although it is an intricate device, it has no lights to indicate when a gadget has a full battery.

With rechargeable batteries, over-charging for extended periods may affect the battery health of smartphones.

Only Available Online

The product is not available in physical stores yet. All purchases are made online. This may be a disadvantage as customers can purchase other USB charging devices from physical stores.


Though it is a fantastic and complex instrument, the buyer still requires a USB cable to use it as it does not come with one.

Only USB-C Compatible

Finally, the QuickCharge Pro is incompatible with older USB versions.

Purchasing QuickCharge Pro

QuickCharge Pro can be purchased from the official website. The prices are as follows:

  • One QuickCharge Pro: $38 plus $7.95 shipping
  • Two QuickCharge Pro: $29 each plus free shipping
  • Four QuickCharge Pro: $22 each plus free shipping

A 30-day money-back guarantee backs QuickCharge Pro. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Email:
  • Hours: M-F 8 am – 5 pm MST
  • Phone: 855-273-0492
  • Address: QuickChargePro Returns Dept, 11551 E 45th Ave, Unit C, Denver, CO 80239

QuickCharge Pro Conclusion

In conclusion, QuickCharge Pro prioritizes quickness, safety, and durability. It is perfect for those looking for something compact because of its portability.

Furthermore, the gadget’s smart integrated circuit technology allows it to moderate electric currents to the device, protecting your gadgets.

Fast charging with extra protection enhances this charger’s qualities and makes it a worthwhile purchase for anyone. Visit the official website and try QuickCharge Pro today!