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Wholetones 2Sleep Gen2 Reviews - Healing Frequency Music Sleep Solution?

Do you have insomnia or difficulty falling asleep even though you’re tired? Or do you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t stay asleep longer?

Do you have insomnia or difficulty falling asleep even though you’re tired? Or do you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t stay asleep longer?

So what can you do to increase sleep quality? The answer is simple – try the new Wholetones 2sleep. This is an easy and unique method to get better sleep. Based on many observations and research, Wholetones carry certain frequency-enhanced music that allows listeners to fall asleep faster and have peaceful dreams.

Better than many sleep clinics that cost you hundreds of dollars, Wholetones is a less expensive and more effective way to get delta sleep. Below is a detailed review of the product.

Wholetones 2Sleep Review

Insomnia symptoms include a lack of sleep and irregular sleep patterns. In today’s world, most people are exposed to fast and hard music like hip-hop and rap. This induces noise pollution rather than a calming effect because these beats increase the dopamine level in your body, and you feel a sudden urge to move your body.

This is dangerous because once your body gets used to this music, your dopamine level reaches an extreme limit where nothing else makes any sense. Since generation Z is addicted to rap music, this problem is very common to them, and it is for this reason that insomnia and mental disorders prevail in the world.

Therefore, the Wholetones 2Sleep portable music player is just what you and your family need for a better mood and restful sleep. With a rechargeable battery and comfortable volume, wholetones make sure to provide good nighttime sleep. The music conditions influence your mind, and it begins shutting off gradually until you are in a deep sleep. It has vastly improved the sleep patterns of people all over the world.

Furthermore, this speaker comes with unlimited music you can listen to all night. With the click of a button, you will enter the realm of sweet dreams.

How Wholetones 2Sleep Works

Wholetones 2Sleep improves your sleep with its music by inducing calm and relaxation in your body. The waves work at such a low frequency you don’t even feel something is playing around you. The sound is soft but audible enough to lull you into sleep.

Moreover, many people who used Wholetones 2Sleep reported having seen improvement in their sleep quality and patterns. Their night was more restful, and they felt relaxed and at ease.

In a study by the National Library of Medicine, individuals who listened to wholetones and classical music showed improved sleep quality. But Wholetones greatly impacted people and reduced the symptoms of many sleep problems. Some study participants reported improvements in their mood after listening to the various songs in the Wholetones player.

You might be someone recovering from sleep deprivation and still having trouble sleeping. If so, try wholetones for one night, and you will see the difference in your sleep. It is believed that developing a habit may take around 21 days in a person. So even if you start today, you will start seeing results in your sleep patterns by the end of the second week.

Your body will automatically want to relax and sleep at the time when you usually listen to the wholetones, and this difference will be visible. Moreover, wholetones music provides improved integrated sleep recovery, which helps you fall asleep instantly and have a sound sleep. It is called the Magic Sleep Pill for a reason, after all. You are sure to experience a good sleep quality item with wholetones.


Following are some of the most consequential features of this powerful solution for good sleep. Let’s get straight into it.


You don’t want a boring speaker placed next to your pillow. With the best quality and looks, the Wholetones portable speaker is a piece of art, from inside and outside. It has a wonderful metallic blue body with an onyx-colored speaker.

The precise tempos make sure the music doesn’t become overwhelming. The speaker appeals to the eyes, and the music is soothing to the ears and mind. Moreover, the speaker perfectly fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy for you to carry it from place to place.


Having restful and undisturbed sleep should not be costly, which is the main purpose of Wholetones. If you were to pay hundreds of dollars, you could easily do that by taking expensive sleeping pills.

But with Wholetones 2Sleep, you will save a whopping $228. To everyone’s surprise, the solution to your sleeping problems and overall health costs $90 only. That too while keeping in mind the music’s likeability of the general public. This is a great deal that you should take advantage of.


Each Wholetones speaker comes with a usage guide. Moreover, it is not that complicated to set up or use. All you need to do is place the speaker somewhere near you, probably on your side table. You can select the track that best suits your taste and enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.

The different buttons on the speaker allow you to change the volume, go to the previous track, change to Bluetooth mode, etc. There is also an audio jack if you like to use headphones. In the same deal, you get lifetime access to the digital copy of the wholetones pre-loaded with lullabies and several tracks. You can play and pause music with a single click and let yourself melt away in the sweet world of sleep and dreams.


In a clinical trial carried out at the Centre for Health and Human Performance, the users reported improved sleep quality after the first week of using wholetones. It is a clinically proven way to provide good quality sleep.

The frequency of each track is what induces sleep. Your eyelids begin feeling heavy and you want to dose off immediately. Starting with louder but pleasing music to the ears, the speaker gradually turns down the volume. These controlled frequencies make sure your sleep is not disturbed. With an 8-hour-long rechargeable battery, you can listen to music most of the night.


Money Back Guarantee

We know how much it hurts when you expect so much from a product but the result isn’t satisfactory. The Wholetones portable speaker comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee to ensure we gain your trust. Yes! You read it right. You get 90 days to choose whether you want to keep the speaker or not. For instance, if the wholetones speaker doesn’t benefit you, you can send it back and email for a refund with no questions asked.

Where to Buy One

You can buy a Wholetones portable speaker from the company’s website. Other sites might claim to have the speaker in stock, but we recommend the website so that you can get a genuine product.


  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better mood
  • Soothing music
  • Portable
  • Refund policy


  • Takes a week to show the effects
  • Addictive


The all-new Wholetones 2Sleep Gen2 is a reliable solution to all your sleeping problems. It can cure long-term sleep deprivation. With its soothing music and controlled frequency, it is a lifetime investment.

This product has no major side effects, and 99% of the customer reviews were positive. This brings us to the end of this article. We hope this article answers your questions. Happy Sleeping!

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