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Animal rescue suffers fence theft

Police have exhausted all avenues of investigation.
A 10-foot-by-six fence panel. Our Last Hope Animal Rescue Society lost 15 of these last week when thieves cut a chain tying them to a pole in their back compound.

Our Last Hope Animal Rescue Society has lost 15 out of 25 donated fences after thieves took them away.

As of Tuesday morning, society founder Jeneane Ruscheinsky has not received any updates on what happened.

“I’m actually quite surprised. They’re pretty distinctive, but we’ve heard nothing,” said Ruscheinsky.

Ruscheinsky said they first discovered the theft last Saturday morning. She reported the incident to police.

Hope RCMP detachment commander Staff Sgt. Karol Rehnder said on Thursday that they have concluded their investigation.

“All avenues of investigation have been pursued, however no information was developed that would lead police to identifying any suspect(s) or the location of the fencing panels,” he said.

She also contacted a few scrap yards, but does not expect the fences to end up in those places.

“Typically, you cannot buy these panels, you can only rent them from Super Save,” said Ruscheinsky.

She said that the fences are rented for $100 per month plus deposit and delivery charges.

“We were fortunate enough that they donated them to us. They said we never had to return them,” said Ruscheinsky. “But we’ll never get that donation again.”

Ruscheinsky said the donation of these fences represented one of the most valuable donations they have received, which would help them through years of rescuing.

Ruscheinsky said the fences were chained to a pole in their back compound, adding that thieves cut the chain.

Ruscheinsky said neighbours described the vehicle as a diesel dually pickup with star-like treads on their tires and it also had bald front tires.

Ruscheinsky said it would have taken two to four men to move the ten-foot-by-six foot fences because the fences are heavy and awkward to carry. Removing them would require a flatbed trailer because they would not fit on the back of a pickup truck.

The society wanted to use these fences to partition up their yard for more exercise room.

“We have to beg and beg and beg for anything we get,” said Ruscheinsky. “So I personally feel totally violated. I cannot believe people are so cold-hearted.”