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Council retooling vehicle storage bylaw

Fine for too many vehicles could jump from $100 to $500
District of Hope council is working with staff to rewrite a bylaw dealing with how residents store their vehicles. (Eric Welsh/Hope Standard)

Council is hammering out details of a bylaw that limits what vehicles can be stored on residential properties in Hope.

They are fixed on bumping up the fine for having too many derelict vehicles from $100 to $500, but got into the weeds when sorting out the number of vehicles that should be allowed on each property.

They discussed variables such as lot sizes, the types of lots, sizes of families, condition of vehicles, types of recreational vehicles, legal and illegal suites, and the legalities of it all during the June 13 Committee of the Whole meeting. Council asked staff to come back at a later date with more information as they work toward the right balance between what would be considered “derelict” and what is considered allowable.

“A lot of people have been asking for this,” Mayor Peter Robb said.

Bylaw officers will deal with infractions on a complaint basis, and will start with a request for voluntary compliance.

Councillors all agreed there were several properties that have become eyesores with too many unused vehicles stored outside, but they did not name them.

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