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Explosive footage from Kamloops prompts safety warnings over lithium batteries

Defective batteries can overheat, catch fire or explode: Kamloops Fire Rescue
A fire in Kamloops prompted safety warnings from departments in the Interior over the potential dangers of lithium batteries. (Screenshot- Kamloops Fire Rescue, Facebook video)

Video footage from the backyard of a Kamloops home is catching the attention of fire department’s across the Interior and raising safety concerns over the potential dangers of lithium batteries.

An explosive shed fire caused by the storing and charging of lithium batteries prompted the Kamloops Fire Rescue to post several safety tips and reminders on its Facebook page.

“Only purchase and use devices, batteries, and charging equipment that is listed by a nationally recognized testing lab and labelled accordingly,” the department wrote.

In its shared video, the KFR added that the explosions are due to stored flammables inside the shed and that lithium-ion battery fires give off toxic gases.

“Lithium batteries are becoming a common household item,” they said. “E-Bikes, tools, and motorized toys all have them; make sure you are looking after yours properly.”

Among those to share the video and underscore the relayed safety tips were representatives from the Oliver Fire Department.

Along with keeping batteries at room temperature, the KFR says that e-bikes, e-scooters, and batteries should be stored away from exit doors.

An electric bike caught on fire behind a downtown Penticton apartment building earlier this year, prompting an investigation from the city’s department.

VIDEO: E-bike goes up in flames in Penticton


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