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Fraser Valley forecast: Sunshine and temperatures up to 17 degrees by next Saturday

Spring temperatures are arriving
(Photo: Pixabay)

It’s the second week of Spring, and warmer weather is starting to arrive. Next Saturday is expected to reach 17 degrees Celsius, and the week will have a fair amount of sunshine, according to Environment Canada’s seven-day weather forecast.

Today (March 27), has a 40 per cent chance of showers, with temperatures at 15 degrees. Periods of rain are expected at night, and temperatures will dip to nine degrees.

Monday has a 40 per cent chance of showers throughout the day and night. Temperatures are expected to stay at 16 degrees during the day, before cooling off to seven degrees at night.

Tuesday’s forecast is a mix of sun and cloud with temperatures at 15 degrees, before falling to six degrees and a 60 per cent chance of showers at night.

Wednesday looks to be the last day of wet weather, with a 60 per cent chance of showers and temperatures at 12 degrees. The night will be partly cloudy with temperatures at five degrees.

Thursday through Saturday are expected to have a mix of sun and cloud, with partly cloudy nights.

Thursday’s forecasted to be 12 degrees, it’s supposed to reach 16 degrees on Friday, and 17 degrees on Saturday. The temperatures at night will hover between four and five degrees.