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Fundraiser to repair District of Kent home exceeds goal in four days

Nearly 100 donors donated more than $10,000 to the Thomas family

A GoFundMe campaign started for a local family whose Rockwell Drive home was destroyed in a landslide has just exceeded its fundraising goal.

In four days, nearly 100 donors raised nearly $11,000 for the Thomas family after a massive landslide of dirt, mud, boulders and broken trees overran and destroyed most of the property.

“Our dad was home at the time and was thankfully able to escape by foot,” wrote Salena Thomas, the campaign’s organizer. “He was picked up by a search and rescue boat a few hours later.”

Landslides are not covered in standard homeowner’s insurance, putting a significant financial burden on the Thomas family. The funding will be used to cover the cost of clearing the debris and repairing the home.

You can contribute to the fund by searching GoFundMe for Help the Thomas Family Recover after Landslide or by following this link.


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