Hell’s Gate closes for airtram maintenance

Hell’s Gate closes for airtram maintenance

Airtram’s haul line needed adjustment due to warm weather, administrator says

The Hell’s Gate Airtram has been closed for maintenance, weeks after it opened for the season.

The tourist attraction, which takes visitors from the Trans-Canada Highway down to the bottom of the Fraser Canyon at Hell’s Gate in a gondola or airtram, is closed to work on the airtram’s haul rope. The closure was announced on Facebook May 9, no reopening date has been provided as of May 10.

“Because of the upgrade to the haul rope — which pulls the tram along the track rope — and the hot weather, we have had to close for a week in order to have the slack pulled out of the haul line,” Megan Bayard, administrator at the Hell’s Gate Airtram, stated via Facebook messenger. “It is a brand new haul line, and with most new materials that contract and expand in hot and cold temperatures, a minor tightening to the line was required.”

During the off-season, Bayard stated the owner of the tourist attraction invested into upgrades to systems and hardware to “ensure longevity as well as the smoothest operation possible.”

Hell’s Gate, situated 54 kilometres from Hope along the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1), is a popular and long-running tourist attraction in the area. This summer is the airtram’s forty-seventh season.

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