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Hope grocery store changes ownership

Buy & Save Foods on Wallace Street was recently purchased by Buy-Low Foods

Heinz and Susan Schiller are getting ready for a slower pace of life.

The local couple have sold their grocery store on Wallace Street after 39 years as an independent retailer in Hope. Buy & Save Foods was recently purchased by Buy-Low Foods.

“Once we made the decision to sell, there was really only one choice of a buyer in our minds,” said Heinz. “Buy-Low has been our wholesale supplier for more than 19 years and we are proud to leave the family business in the good hands of Buy-Low. We know they will serve our customers with the same passion and dedication we have had all our years.”

Buy & Save Foods has been a longtime fixture in Hope and is known for its support of local charities and community events. The grocery store was originally opened as a Super Value by the Schiller’s in 1974. As the couple adapted the operation to the meet the needs of the community they, along with other independent retailers from across B.C., sought a new wholesale partner. Forming a strong relationship with Buy-Low Foods in 1994, these retailers renamed their stores Buy & Save Foods.

“We’ve watched many local people grow up – many of whom worked in the store over the years – graduate from high school, marry and raise families,” said Heinz. “I’d like to thank all our customers again for their patronage in the past and hope all of our customers will continue to support Buy & Save Foods.”

Buy-Low Foods plans on providing customers with the same offerings they have become accustomed to and was insistent on keeping the “friendly and qualified staff” that have served the community well over the years.

“As we go forward, we will look for opportunities to improve where we can, and invest in the future with some renovations and improvements as we listen to the feedback of our staff and most importantly the customers at the store,” said Dan Bregg, president of Buy-Low Foods. “We are a very community-oriented company and we really like what we saw in the people of Hope.”