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ICBC releases car crash statistics for Hope

Most of Hope’s 86 accidents last year occurred near highway on and off ramps
The intersection of 6th Avenue and Old Hope Princeton Highway is regarded as dangerous by locals, but only saw two collisions in 2021. (Google Maps screenshot)

People in Hope complain a lot about the intersection of Old Hope Princeton Highway and 6th Avenue, pleading for some kind of traffic control to be installed before someone gets seriously hurt.

But according to numbers released this week by ICBC, that intersection is well down the list of Hope’s most dangerous.

ICBC recorded only two collisions at that spot in 2021.

The municipality of Hope saw 86 crashes in total last year. With Hope located at the junction of several major highways, that’s where most of the chaos was found.

Nine collisions happened near the Flying J Travel Centre, around Old Hope Road, Tobina Road, Klassen Road and the Highway 1 on and off ramps.

Seven happened around the area of Old Hope Road and Water Avenue in the place where travelers get off of Highway 3.

Six occurred in the spot where Highways 3 and 5 branch off from each other, and six more around the Othello Road on and off ramps for Highway 5.

Motorists getting on and off Highway 1 in the area of Old Hope Princeton Way and Water Avenue got into trouble four times in 2021.

ICBC data does not include collisions in parking lots, or collisions involving parked vehicles.

ICBC’s map can be found online at

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