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Update: Mission middle school cleared after shooting threat put building on lockdown

Hatzic Middle School students have been sent home under watchful eye of Mission RCMP
Two Mission RCMP members patrol the back entrance of Hatzic Middle School after a threatening phone call was received. / Kevin Mills Photo

A Mission middle school went into lockdown this afternoon (Sept. 14) after a shooting threat was made to the school.

At 2:05 p.m., a male voice called the main line at Hatzic Middle School and made threats to the effect of “coming to shoot up the school,” according to Jason Raaflaub, media officer with the Mission RCMP.

The school was immediately put into lockdown, with heavily armed Mission RCMP officers guarding the school grounds, Raaflaub said.

Mission Superintendent Angus Wilson posted to social media at 2:20 p.m that the school is on pre-cautionary hold.

He said that nobody was entering or leaving the school.

“The RCMP will do an assessment, once they’ve done the assessment, then parents and buses and all that stuff can happen,” Wilson said.

The lockdown was lifted at approximately 2:45 p.m., with parents being allowed onto the school grounds.

At about 4 p.m., Wilson confirmed that all students have been cleared from the building and sent home.

Police are still investigating.