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Mission Olympian Brent Hayden hangs up the trunks, announces 2nd retirement

Bronze-medal swimmer came close to another medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games
Mission’s Brent Hayden, shown here displaying his bronze medal, came just short of winning another medal in his comeback in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. (Brent Hayden Facebook)

Mission’s Brent Hayden is hanging up the trunks for a second time.

After coming out of retirement, qualifying and almost winning another medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the one-time bronze medalist said it’s the right time.

“Not many people get a second chance, so I count myself incredibly blessed, not just for the chance to compete again, but for the chance to continue my healing journey from my struggles with depression that ended my career 10 years ago,” Hayden said on social media on April 1.

He thanked his coach, teammates, Swimming Canada, wife, family, friends and fans for their support.

After his performance in Tokyo, the 36-year-old swimmer was considering another run at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

The announcement makes it clear he has made a decision not to compete for a fifth time.

“My time competing is over now. It may have been short, but it was more than I could have asked for, and that time will echo with me for the rest of my life,” Hayden said.


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