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MP Mark Strahl had nothing good to say about fall economic statement

But statement ‘focused on building an economy that works for everyone,’ according to deputy PM
Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl weighs in on fall economic statement. (Mark Strahl/Facebook)

Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl offered a critique of the fall economic statement after it was released Thursday by the federal government.

“This economic plan does nothing to address Canada’s cost of living crisis created by out-of-control government spending,” Strahl fumed in his release.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is running “the most expensive government” in Canadian history, the MP claimed.

“His inflationary deficits, to the tune of half a trillion dollars, have sent more dollars chasing fewer goods. His inflationary scheme is hiking up the price of groceries, gas and home heating. Canadians have never paid more in taxes because of this prime minister.”

The fall economic statement was delivered Thursday in a speech by Chrystia Freeland, deputy prime minister and minister of finance:

“Today’s fall economic statement is focused on building an economy that works for everyone – an economy that creates good jobs and which makes life more affordable for Canadians,” Freeland said. “Even as we face global headwinds, the investments we are making today will make Canada more sustainable and more prosperous for generations to come.”

To help families cope with increasing costs, like rising prices at the checkout counter, the government is aiming to deliver

“targeted support” to the people who need it the most, Freeland stated.

“It also moves forward on the government’s comprehensive plan to make housing more affordable, including by helping people save to buy a home and by cracking down on house flipping,” the minister of finance said. And it lays out an ambitious plan to strengthen industry and build a thriving net-zero economy with opportunities and jobs, across the country and across the economy.”

But the Tories had a different take. In order to reduce inflation and improve Canada’s cost of living, Conservatives have been asking for two things, the MP said, as put forth in two clear demands. The first demand was no new taxes.

“This includes canceling all planned tax hikes and the tripling of the carbon tax. Canadians are struggling to heat their homes and put food on their table,” Strahl said.

“Our second demand was no new spending. Any new spending by ministers must be matched by an equivalent saving. Cut wasteful spending and stop the inflationary deficits that drive up the cost of everything.”

None of their asks were met.

“And for that reason Conservatives will not support this inflationary update,” Strahl added.

New measures proposed by the feds in the fall economic statement included:

• Permanently eliminating interest on federal student and apprentice loans;

• Creating a new, quarterly Canada Workers Benefit with automatic advance payments to put more money back in the pockets of our lowest-paid workers;

• Delivering on key pillars of the government’s plan to make housing more affordable, including the creation of a new Tax-Free First Home Savings Account, a doubling of the First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit, and ensuring that property flippers pay their fair share; and,

• Lowering credit card transaction fees for small business;

• Launching the new Canada Growth Fund which will help bring to Canada the billions of dollars in new private investment required to reduce our emissions, grow our economy, and create good jobs;

• Introducing major investment tax credits for clean technologies and clean hydrogen that will help create good jobs and make Canada a leader in the net-zero transition;

• Implementing a new tax on share buybacks by public corporations in Canada; and,

• Creating the Sustainable Jobs Training Centre and investing in a new sustainable jobs stream of the Union Training and Innovation Program to equip workers with the skills required for the good jobs of today and the future.

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