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Stanley Park reopens after 4 coyotes killed following string of attacks

Eleven coyotes have been killed in the park overall
(National Park Service)

Vancouver’s largest urban park has reopened after four coyotes were killed by conservation officers.

In a news release Tuesday (Sept. 21), the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation said that the coyotes had been “captured and lethally removed from the park.”

These coyote deaths are in addition to seven others that have been killed by conservation officers in response to dozens of attacks in the park over the past year.

The park had been largely closed to non-essential visitors since earlier this month.

According to the park board, although wildlife experts believe there are still coyotes in the park, they say the “immediate threat to humans has been addressed.”

However, visitors to Stanley Park are asked to exercise caution if they see a coyote, especially at dawn and dusk and to never feed them. Trash must be disposed off properly to avoid attracting the animals.

“Though the immediate threat to the public has been addressed, coyotes will repopulate the park habitat. As such, the Park Board is looking to the public to help keep wildlife wild by changing certain behaviours that are known to have contributed to this highly disturbing and unprecedented situation, to ensure it does not happen again.”

If a coyote approaches, the park board recommends that people face the animal, make themselves big – stand tall, arms outstretched – and do not run while making noise (not not screaming).

Any feeding of the animals or aggressive coyote behaviour should be reported to the BC Conservation Officer Service RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.

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