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Sts’ailes First Nation band members rescue cold mother and son lost in wilderness

Pair spent night in bush, became separated when son went seeking medication for mother
Kent Harrison Search and Rescue Facebook photo.

Band members of the Sts’ailes First Nation rescued a mother and her 12-year-old son who had become lost and separated in the wilderness, according to the Kent Harrison Search and Rescue (SAR).

The two embarked on a hiking trek in the Chehalis delta area on Friday, March 11, but became lost and had to spend the night in the bush, according to a SAR social media post.

Thankfully, they were able to light a fire, but by dawn, the mother was in need of medication and the boy went searching for their vehicle on his own, the post said.

When he did not return, the mother crossed the waist-deep Chehalis River in an attempt to find her way out of the bush, eventually arriving at a residence of the Sts’ailes Reserve some two kilometres away from where she spent the night, SAR said.

Band members tended to the mother until paramedics arrived, and just as 13 SAR members with a police dog and handler were about to start searching for the boy, Sts’ailes band members found him “cold and wet” near the Chehalis River, according to the SAR post.

“Kent Harrison SAR would like to thank the Sts’ailes Band for their assistance with what could have been a tragic outcome,” said the social media post.

Black Press has reached out to Kent Harrison SAR for more details.

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